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Conference Event Planning
​Training conferences are awesome. They are powerful, they knit customers to a company, and they are a catalyst for momentum. They are expensive and it is easy for costs to become excessive. If you are not an expert it is easy to get more AV, contracted space, and food and beverage than you need. It is also easy to make spatial and timing mistakes with large crowds that can negatively impact an event. 

This is where I am your greatest asset. I can help you and your team navigate the contracting process, save you lots of money, and help plan an impactful event that will make a difference. I have saved millions of dollars for companies through ideas I have developed and followed over the years. I have led many successful events, and I would love to do the same for you.

Live Event Services

Incentive Event Planning


Incentive Events are a fun and empowering way to reward your leaders. These events are a great way to unite influential individuals for networking and  powerful experiences they could not gain in any other way. These events can be extremely tricky to navigate between travel, hotel, food, excursions, gifts, etc. It is easy to spend far more money than necessary for items with diminishing returns or even unnecessary attrition.

I would love to help you and your team learn the ropes to planning the ideal incentive trip. From cruise ships, Hawaii, or all inclusive resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean. I can help you determine ideal planning for attrition, timing, and creating the best experiences while still hitting budget. Just this last year I saved a company well over $400,000 on one trip, and overall we had more compliments on our trip than any previous year. I hope you will allow me to share this expertise with you.

Professional Speaker


A great speaker makes the event. Everything can be planned to the finest detail, but if the content is not solid the whole event will fail. I love to help companies build dynamic show flows that carry attendees throughout a good balance of content. I want the experience of the attendee not just to look great, but to feel great. Once someone leaves an event they ought to feel inspired and empowered to make a difference.

As a professional speaker I have had great experiences inspiring audiences around the globe. I have spoken to audiences over 6000 people and facilitated discussions with annual million dollar earners around a boardroom table. My expertise is in Conflict Resolution, Individual Action, and Leadership Development. In addition to these topics, I have also spoken for companies on sales, recruiting, networking, etc. I would love to put my skills to use for you to create a memorable and impactful experience.

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