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A Road Box is a customizable case used to transport event gear around the world. They can be used to store feeder cable, audio speakers, video screens, lighting, decor, drape, and anything else you can imagine taking on a show. They are strong, solid, reliable, and they are custom built to be exactly what you need for your show.
I started Road Box Events with the same great idea. Let me be the custom fit for your event. I can help you with anything from contracts, negotiation, AV, airfare, show flow, parties, direct your employees, lead teams, and teach employees to do what I do.
One great way I save you money is by working when you need me, not by hiring a full time employee that is only needed as a part time job. I can save you tens of thousands in annual labor alone, let alone the millions I can save you through my experience.
I have the skills to customize what you need, and to be the custom Road Box for your events. 

Road Box

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